Environment Consultancy Services

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Environmental Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are designed to help clients optimize their environmental practices and promote circularity in their operations. AAKI offers several consultancy services, which include:

An EIA is carried out to analyze potential environmental impacts caused by a business undertaking. An EIA enables you to make informed decisions that adhere to government regulations. The EIA is a mandatory requirement of Dubai Municipality to secure Environmental Clearance and PCFC for Operational Fitness Certificate.
AAKI Consultants & Studies conducts thorough site assessments to identify potential environmental liabilities and then test for contaminants. We then formulate remediation strategies, which are essential for regulatory compliance.
AAKI Consultants and Studies is dedicated to providing a wide range of services, including our Environmental Sustainability Studies Project Consultancy. Our consultancy services in environmental sustainability are designed to assist businesses, organizations, and communities in achieving a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.
AAKI Consultants and Studies is dedicated to providing comprehensive environmental remediation services aimed at addressing environmental challenges and improving the quality of our surroundings. Our expertise in environmental remediation projects encompasses a wide range of services designed to remediate, restore, and enhance environmental conditions.
Our expertise in this field is grounded in a deep-rooted commitment to the environment by offering a versatile array of services to tackle the pressing issues associated with waste generation, disposal, and the imperative of sustainable waste management. We specialize in conducting exhaustive waste audits to comprehensively assess the types and volumes of waste generated by businesses and organizations. Our audits serve as a foundation for identifying waste reduction opportunities and enhancing overall waste management strategies.

Air Quality Studies and Modelling

We work to improve air quality by addressing sources of air pollution, implementing emission control measures, and conducting air quality modeling and monitoring. These studies helps to support the development of strategies aimed at relieving air pollution and promote sustainable air quality.

Soil and Groundwater Studies

Our Soil and Groundwater Studies include the removal, treatment, and containment of contaminated soil through techniques such as excavation, bioremediation, and soil stabilization. Employing methods in groundwater remediation like pump-and-treat systems, in-situ remediation, and advanced treatment technologies to address groundwater contamination issues.